Experienced journalist and editor with a master´s degree

Bruno Ingemann is an experienced journalist and editor with a master´s degree in editorial management. After several years as an editorial manager with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR, and NORDJYSKE Medier he now works as an independent consultant, teacher and project manager on journalism and media.

If you need counseling or training on media convergence, editorial management, investigative reporting, You can contact Bruno Ingemann by e-mail and phone.


Prof. Dr. Klaus Meier, Chair for Journalism Studies I

I know Bruno Ingemann from several conferences and workshops in Germany and Austria. He gave presentations on newsroom management and change management in newsrooms.

The participants were journalists and editors in chief mainly from newspapers but also from other media outlets. We were always very pleased to invite Bruno as a speaker and trainer because of his deep knowledge and his strong ability to present lively and clearly

- Prof. Dr. Klaus Meier
School of Journalism, Catholic University Eichstaett-Ingolstadt